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Koolertron Programmable Split Mechanical Keyboard,All 89 Keys Programmable Ergonomic Keypad with Cherry MX Blue Switch,8 Macro Keys – [SMKD62] (Cherry MX Blue Switch (White Backlit))?

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9th Sep 2019

If you are used to the MS Natural, you will probably be used to a split sculpted stagger. Is that case, I recommend a split staggered board.

The ergodox is ortholinear, so I won’t recommend it unless you are willing to try out ortholinear.

As of now, I would recommend the following:

  • Quefrency kit: Available in both 60% and 65%. They are also very cheap but it does require manual assembly and it might be difficult for first timers.


You can also get them pretty easily on /r/mechmarket, and I recommend getting one there because people often sell them assembled so you won’t have to source a case, and the hassle of building.


  • Koolertron split keyboard


Pretty decent split keyboard that isn’t very well known. You can get them pretty easily on amazon and it comes with a wide variety of switches. If you want the f-keys, I recommend this as the quefrency won’t have the f-keys.

  • VE.A clone

A clone board from taobao that is based on the famous high-end custom, the VE.A. This one is an acrylic sandwich case and is pretty damn cheap for what it is. Also a 75% like the Koolertron. You can easily find them on /r/mechmarket and I recommend doing so as getting stuff from taobao can be somewhat of a hassle.


  • Kinesis Freestyle

Ergo board from Kinesis. Also a 75% keyboard like the other options I mentioned. Also easily obtainable from Amazon.


  • Mistel Barocco

Pretty damn famous 60% split keyboard. They are off-the-shelf keyboards so you won’t have to go through the hassle of building one.


  • Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK)

Split 60% which comes with an interesting feature where you can attach very useful modules to your liking. Very customizable but rather expensive.


I hope you find something to your liking among these. Good luck on your keyboard hunt!

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27th Jul 2020

Really cool project with the modded M5 and throttle/joystick hybrid!

What are the limits in terms of programming the split keyboard? Does it also feature backlighting (and if so what colour)?

I’m looking for a similar setup with a split keyboard, but I found other options such as the R-Go Split Break, the Koolertron split keyboard, the Mistel MD600 (RGB), or the Dygma Raise.

The Dygma so far ticks most of my boxes, but it is rather expensive. Your alternative seems far cheaper, while offering decent bang/buck.

My goal is to have something that is dual purpose:
1. A full QWERTY keyboard for typing.

  1. Keypads (L/R) as de facto button boxes for flight/space sims, or even as a left WSAD keypad for games like ARMA III.