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Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard, Blue LED Backlit Portable Mini One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad 23 Fully Programmable Keys Red Switches (Blue Backlit/Red switches)?

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4th Aug 2020

I got this, but I haven’t sat down to program it fully as my UFC for the JF-17 yet. Not too expensive, but something to look for.


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5th Apr 2020

I’m looking to get a more discreet keypad to replace a Razer Orbweaver for use at the office but I’m new to the whole macro pad thing. I want silent switches in a 5×5 gridded layout. Linear or tactile switches is not a huge factor for me. I don’t want to build it myself. It doesn’t need to have macro capability, but it should work with Ctrl and Shift modifiers. Layouts with 5×6, 4×6, and 4×5 keys would work if 5×5 isn’t readily available.

At first, I saw the MAX Falcon-20 which is a 20-button keypad, but it won’t be large enough for me. Seems near perfect otherwise.

There was also the Koolertron 23-key keypads with 23 keys on amazon and elsewhere. They seem a bit budget, and the double-sized key in the corner is inconveniently placed in my case.

Then, I found the YMDK keypads on ebay and aliexpress, which include a 24-button 4×6 layout in the options. I was confused by the options but at first, but kit 1 refers to the Gateron/Kailh switches and kit 2 to the Cherry switches, and that kit 3 is a DIY kit.

Anyway, I’m still looking for that ideal 5×5 button grid. The ones I have found through google are all unavailable now, but I may be using the wrong keywords. Could anyone point me in the right direction?