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KOIOS Air Purifier, Small Air Purifiers with True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner Bedroom Home Office, Remove Wildfire Smoke Dust Pollen Pet Dander, Protable Odor Eliminator, 219ft², No Ozone?

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23rd Nov 2020

This has helped me a lot just in terms of dander. I used to get bad migraines, I have a long haired dog and she sleeps with me. I have an air purifier in my room on my side table and I use it every night as I sleep and it’s helped a lot. Just make sure you get one thats HEPA certified and doesn’t release harmful radiation. I got mine from Amazon it’s called KOIOS and it’s relatively cheap and they send you free filters as well as the ones that come inside. I saw it on a list for purifiers that don’t radiate emf or whatever it’s called lol. The only negative is that it’s a cheaper model so it doesn’t circulate meaning you have to physically turn it on and I’m not sure how long it can run, mine usually runs as I sleep so like 8 hours straight.