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Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System with HDMI-ARC in Walnut?

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21st Jun 2021

Only powered speakers I know about that accept e-arc are the Klipsch Fives.


I would go with a basic AV receiver and passive speakers

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26th Dec 2020

That turntable is decent enough where you want to start looking at a separate amplifier and passive speakers. That can get expensive really fast.

If you like the idea of a soundbar replacement with two Active (self-amplified) speakers, I would suggest looking at Edifier and look in the $300 => x => $800 range. Yeah, that’s probably more than you were thinking.

Another Active speaker option is Klipsch The Fives. Amazing, cool looking, and pricey. But…just look at them, especially in walnut.

Yeah, this might cost you some money.