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Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Black?

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14th Jul 2017

I currently use a Audiotechnica M50X. I work at a big box store and have the opportunity to purchase Klipsch over ear reference for only $100 through an employee only deal.

It’s a fantastic deal but a hundred bucks still a lot of money. Is it worth upgrading from my M-50X to the Klipsch? Would the difference in audio quality be obvious? Also, is Bluetooth really as bad for audio as people make it out to be? I would vastly prefer the Bluetooth version of the Klipsch but noticeably lower fidelity would be a deal breaker.

TL;DR Is the Klipsch reference over the ear noticeably better than the Audio Technica M-50x? Is Bluetooth really that bad?