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Klipsch RB-41 II Reference Series Bookshelf Speaker Pair in Ebony?

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15th May 2015

Good point, have u looked at the wave crest hvl-1’s? $199 pair


& u say u like crisp, have u heard klipsch? These might be worth a look http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Reference-Series-Bookshelf-Loudspeaker/dp/B0040L3DAO $199

These should be looked at too, I hear they have a great tweeter: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/chane-loudspeakers/A1rx-c $300

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6th Feb 2015

Better speakers will always be the biggest improvement in a signal chain. Compared to what you have now and the space you have, I’d suggest getting either of these, depending on what you can afford:

Klipsch Reference RB-41 II (4in woofers) – Amazon link >

Kilpsch Reference RB-51 II (5.25 in woofers) – Amazon link >

I have the 61s as my smaller room speakers, and they are amazing. All the Klipsch reference stuff is really nice.

A nicer amp would be an improvement, but don’t buy one just because of the name on it the amp. Better speakers will make more of an improvement. I will say, I own both a Marantz PM6005 (my main amp) and a PM5004 (old, secondary system amp now), and they are both great. You could always look for one of those used and do just as well. There’s not a lot that can go wrong with them if they have been cared for.

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20th Feb 2014

Both of the speaker sets you suggest have large front tower speakers. Is this going to be placed in a large room? I’ve never personally listened to either of these speaker sets, so i can’t say if they are good or bad, I’d imagine they are somewhere in the middle. Speakers (and any sort of audio/video equipment) are one of the areas where you really get what you pay for. So cheaper, is usually worse, but not always.

I typically recommend Denon refurb receivers, you can get them directly from Denon or from accessories4less.com, you can get something pretty decent in the $200-$250 range. They come with a 1 year warranty.

Here is one I quickly found Denon refurb receiver $239

So now that leaves $750ish for speakers. You have lots of options here. People rave about the Klipsch bookshelf speakers, so I priced somthing up, Unfortunately the fronts are bookshelf speakers, not floor standing towers.
On Amazon for $289 for a pair

$249 Matching Center speaker

Surrounds @ $179

subwoofer: I highly recommend the Dayton Sub1000 for about $100, you won’t find a better sub in this price range. They also have a Sub 1200 which uses a 12″ driver instead of a 10″. I have the Sub 1000, my living room about 18’x30′ room and it sounds great. the 12″ version has a much bigger cabinet as well, so it may not fit if space is any concern.

The other option is the Bic F12 which everyone raves about. I’ve never personally listened to one, but its highly regarded as a great “bank for your buck” subwoofer. Although it is twice the price of the Dayton.

Getting 2 surrounds and the dayton sub-1000 puts you over budget by about $235. You’ll also likely need some speaker cable as well. I typically suggest Monoprice as they have decent quality cable for cheap.

I also found this combo on Amazon Klispch combo which has everyhing youd need except a receiver. This would put you fairly over budget (by about $350)

There is also the option to get the receiver and front speakers now along with the subwoofer, making it a 3.1 system, and adding the surrounds later. Me personally, I don’t buy speakers often (I’ve had my set for about 7 years) so I’d rather spend a little more now and never have to “upgrade” them later.

You can also check out R/Zeos for other recommendations. I hope some of this helped!