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KLARSTEIN Passionata Rossa Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, 15 Bars of Pressure, Steam Frother for Frothing Milk and Preparing Hot Drinks, 0.33 gallon (6 cups)?

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30th Dec 2020

Wow, this sub is so toxic. I don’t understand why people get downvoted for asking questions or mentioning a low budget. In all honesty, after asking this sub questions before the holidays regarding beans and specific models (I’m also a beginner), I ended up doing my own research because everyone just wanted to brag about their own equipment and downvote my questions.

Not sure where you are, I’m in Canada. For a machine in your budget I found this one on Wayfair .ca for $89.99, this Delonghi EC155 Manual machine on bestbuy for $119 CDN but reviews say the milk frother is not the greatest. This one is $94 on amazon.com is German made and has okay reviews.

For a grinder, if you’re looking for a cheaper grinder there is a Krups one at walmart for $19, a Hamilton Beach grinder for $23 with adjustable grind settings, and this HB burr grinder for $42 but the sale ends today. Hope you find what you’re looking for, just don’t go buying a pod machine or a Nespresso anything, Nestle is the evilest brand in the world