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Kitchen Selectives Single Drip Coffee Maker with Mug, Green?

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21st Nov 2019

First, do not drink starbucks anything. They over roast the beans and everything just tastes burned. Yes, even the “light” roasts. This goes for just about every roaster I’ve tried here in Utah except for Pink Elephant in Park City.

As others have said, you can try nitro or cold brew. Chameleon Coffee is good but I don’t know if it’s sold here. If you don’t want to go whole-hog yet buying your own grinder, try Cafe Bustelo. If you do want a grinder, there’s a world of great beans waiting for you from Stumptown, Cuvee, Wild Gift, Portola, etc.

What about brewing? Big Lots has a $10 single cup that is perfect. It’s cheap enough that if it breaks it’s easy to replace, as well as fast and brews to a drinkable temperature without scalding. It’s a little sensitive to very fine espresso grinds though. You can also buy it on Amazon.