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Kitchen King Brass coffee filter drip maker 4 to 5 cup?

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18th Jan 2021

It has to be my Filter Coffee maker, no offense but your espresso and coffee machines ain’t got shit on filter coffee.

You basically you buy ground coffee, put it in the top and add hot water and wait overnight, it makes Coffee Decoction which collects in a reservoir below, you heat up some milk, mix the milk with the decoction (and sugar of you want) and fucking chug that shit.

No coffee I’ve ever had has even come close to filter coffee.

Sure it’s a hassle to make but it’s absolutely worth it, mine takes up about the same space as a 500ml water bottle and often costs between $8-$15 (you can get them in stainless steel or brass) and it uses gravity so no need for electricity.

This is similar to the one I have.

Sure you a cup of filter coffee from a restaurant costs 15 cents where I live bit there’s something special about making your own.

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18th Jan 2021

Now if you think that is good wait till you discover Coffee Decoction and Filter Coffee, sure you need to buy pre ground coffee powder and I think you can buy the beans separately (not sure in your country). You basically ground the beans (or buy ground beans) and put the powder in one of these and add boiling hot water and let it sit over night, you need to add hot milk (not creamer) and Fucking chug that shit, seriously filter coffee is the best coffee you’ll ever have.

It’s the most popular thing where I live in Bangalore and for good reason, it costs 15 cents a pop and blows anything out of the water.