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19th Jun 2018

done! Yay! also “pat” as a unit of time is derived for the length of the “pat stares at japan part 1” video, which is approx 20 minutes long. 10 pats, thus, is a little over 3 hours. No, but shut up, it makes perfect sense. Stop thinking about it.


0:15 Welcome to the yawncast! let’s slow it down with slow cow and bob marley juice.

1:17 anti-energy drinks for maximum chill

2:28 time for the montreal weather report! This is how it be in grenada, and a communism history lesson.

  • 4:16 NEW DARLINGTON LORE: on the wrong side of history

6:07 Classifying video game addiction as a disorder; on addictive personalities

  • 10:19 Pat on this issue bringing up how lootboxes might have had a hand in this

  • 12:39 Xavier woods’ tweet and getting addicted to anything

  • 14:04 Matt on the issue of getting addicted to something

  • 15:40 Woolie brings up anime addiction as an example

  • 18:14 The future best friends yell at future clouds, bringing up shadowrun, remember me and black mirror

  • 20:54 Pat on what you should actually be looking at with addiction

  • 21:44 Video games can be used to make a living now! Kids want to be LPers now!

  • 23:45 Plague pulls forth from beyond the fence the story of a person throwing their mother across a room in defense of the knuckles and rouge ship, TIME TO INCEPT THIS IDEA OUT OF THIS CHILD

  • 27:23 Pat has a medical theory, and woolie brings up the monster of the andes

29:34 Weed is becoming legalized in the canadas!

  • 31:03 can you eat crack? EAT ALL THE DRUGS

  • 32:00 Creating acid

  • 32:55 The body count on someone eating blowfish



34:11 Matt Gets crabs in sushi striker! But lets talk about getting crabs and childish wonderings on what crabs is.

  • 36:04 Matt actually talking the game, the anime dial is turned up to 1100%

  • 37:54 On the subject of food, what hill would you die on for a banned food group? and weaponized ticks by angry vegans and various non-lethal but cruel weapons

41:30 Yoku’s island express, a pinball platformer

43:18 Netflix’s original Cargo, australian zombies

44:36 Horror thriller, revenge. Has some neat cinemetography

46:47 Have you seen hereditary matt? He has not, but he has heard things


48:04 Moonlighter, a reccetear-like with some solid gameplay

48:54 Pat gets back into for honor! Some massive system changes since season 1: chip damage, light and heavy parries, and removed untechable guardbreak

  • 52:33 New players in thanks to the starter edition! Talkin’ the DLC characters

  • 53:54 How is the berserker, asks woolie

  • 54:26 The guys behind for honor have kept up with the game, and winning by doing NOTHING

  • 57:10 thanks to changes, the original cast has been made awful, needing reworks. Peacekeeper OP forever


58:57 Incredibles 2, some talk on the frozen short backlash

  • 1:02:03 solid predictable movie, but the voice cast is a bit off now that times have changed

  • 1:03:53 That siezure warning is LEGIT

1:07:37 My hero academia, woolie has caught up! That awful buildup in the intro

  • 1:08:49 back to siezure talk

1:09:41 SPONSOR: casper mattresses!


1:12:45 if you want to see REmake 2 footage, go check out max’s footage. Next level zombie tech <— part of the podcast title here

  • 1:17:23 No traditional camera, changes have been made to accomodate it

  • 1:19:27 Zapping is dead

  • 1:21:18 No more door animations! but zombies can follow you tho

  • 1:22:00 reiterating that this is an absurdly violent game

  • 1:23:34 aim falls apart when moving

  • 1:24:43 modding will be insane for this

  • 1:26:25 Pat is elated at how this is being remade

  • 1:27:08 the faces

1:27:39 arcsys X kill la kill! a kill la kill game! ‘cept its not by arcsys…

1:32:07 smash ultimate news! Going over the list of small changes, including the nerf to snakes ass

  • 1:41:21 matt on the echo fighters

  • 1:42:11 possibilities of a reboot after this game

  • 1:43:21 Biggest changes in this game

1:44:29 Athena of KoF becomes virtual youtuber (But when is Leona stares at factory floors?!)

  • 1:48:30 Which of the best friends will become a cute anime girl?

  • 1:49:18 Matt hopes it will not be horrible; athena gets her power from the misery of the soul

1:50:07 PS4 on accounts locking themselves if you try to transfer accounts from it to other platforms

1:56:44 light is not playable in jump force

2:11:09 the friday the 13th game cannot get anymore DLC because of complicated legal issues

2:24:07 turn the beat back to the whills: whats the deal with stories being putting further under the microscope that it goes from magic to science and cellular bullshit?

  • 2:26:42 What if quirks were because of fungus?

  • 2:27:07 Whats the deal with detroit’s androids?

2:27:54 beyonce and jay-z dropped a surpise album

2:28:26 30 minutes of daemon x machina; turns out its JUST armored core. Did you know CHAR is in this gmae?!

2:33:10 Control, game revealed at E3

2:37:22 Cyberpunk 2077 details, woolie dissapointed in 1st person because you cant see your character

  • 2:47:07 Change in tone and setting from witcher to this

2:49:32 Do it for nina struthers, and ronda rousey

2:51:01 Emails! If you’ve got an email, send it it to

2:51:11 What is the weirdest thing you’ve randomly found out about someone you dont know very well?

2:57:09 Do you have a favorite character redesign? (No mention of leona. I’m sad.)

3:02:50 whats the line between an homage and a ripoff? already answered

3:03:45 Solid pupper and liquid pupper look at the grave of big doggo. Also some other headlines

3:05:28 Why flashlight mechanics?!

3:07:57 what do you think death stranding will be?

3:12:33 BREAKING: THE SPACE FORCE HAS BEEN CREATED <— part of the podcast title here

3:17:53 COMING UP, COMING OUT: god of war finishes, detroit and tokyo mirage continues, matt has stuff happening on his twitch and on his channel, woolie has automata and naruto still going on, pat got nothing going on but will probably stream over at angriestpat, woolie going to combocon on the first of july in michigan, and where’d you get those kirby headphones, woolie?

3:25:54 END OF PODCAST: Street Fighter V: Cody’s theme