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Kingnex Bolster Roll Pillow for Sleeping on Back or Side Under Knee to Relief Lower Back Pain Between Legs for Side Sleepers Cylinder Pillow with Removable Cooling Cover 20×8?

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5th Jun 2022

I’m very sensitive to chemicals and smells.

I’ve had luck buying throw/decorative pillows with removable covers from Goodwill. By the time they are at Goodwill the insert should be done off gassing (not talking about new product donations from Target & the like), and the benefit is even ugly pillows work for this! Then I toss the cover and leave the insert out in the sun for a week or so.

Then I buy covers from Etsy or even Amazon (as long as they aren’t ‘flame retardant’, etc.). On Etsy I look for sellers that explicitly state they are a smoke-free environment and more natural materials if it’s something I’ll expect using a lot. Typically I wash the cover inside out in cold, hang to dry and then put them on my insert.

Another insert option that I don’t have any issues with are latex






I’m sorry to hear that you are a cancer patient and hope you are doing well.