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KINESIS Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard?

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15th Jun 2019

My needs and requirements are the same as yours. I came from the Microsoft Ergonomic/Scupt line and I’m a full time developer. And this is my first set of mechanical keyboards. I did a ton of research and it finally came down to 3 choices:



I decided to get 2 so that I could leave one at home (where I occasionally game) and take another one to work. My home keyboard has Gateron Red and my work has Gateron Brown. Both are fairly quiet and do not bother others around me. Despite coming from other ergonomic keyboards, it still took me about a month to really get the hang of it where I can get above 60 wpm. I never used the numpad so it doesn’t bother me that it’s not there. The LED lights are cool but they ultimately don’t matter EXCEPT when you want to know if your caps-lock is pressed (the caps-lock key lights up when pressed). The software is clunky but manageable, if you need to use it. I’m on the default layout and I’m only missing the HOME and END functionality. Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase and I recommend them to my fellow developers.



  • very good build quality
  • keeps my wrist straight and unstrained
  • has standard set of alpha + numeric keys, arrows, and F keys
  • F keys have default secondary options to lower or raise volume
  • works out of the box on Windows, MacOS, and Linux (I develop in all 3)



  • no HOME and END keys by default (I had to add them and then drop into that layer)
  • nonstandard keys make it difficult to get custom key caps


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