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KINESIS DXT2 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse (RF Wireless)?

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25th Jan 2018

I use a DXT2 wireless mouse.

Definitely different, supposedly offers superior ergonomics. Took a bit to get used to, but I love it.

I have three, but unfortunately their quality control is lacking, so most have been replaced at least once due to various issues.

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27th Oct 2015

My main problem; is that after approving the transaction with American Express; Microsoft’s system did not re-run the transaction; they just kept denying it; and I ran out of my ‘four’ retries. Microsoft said the problem was on their end. I was repeatedly promised they would still honor the initial ship date.

I have another edit of this; which includes 30 minutes of calls [including one w/ Amex] which I sent to MS support.

Beyond that; I’m using a DXT Mouse.


Since it is held more like a ‘pen’ it is supposed to be ergonomically superior to a regular mouse. I love it. I use it left handed, but it can be used with either hand.