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20th Apr 2017

Hi all, in the market for new pair of over the ear headphones. Previous pair was perfect but stolen on vacation from car break-in recently.

Budget – $150 USD

Source – Laptop for movies or through ipod for flights/trips

Requirements for Isolation – Need isolation for flights, no active noise cancelling required

Preferred Type of Headphone – Over-ear, wired, foldable (preferred) and with carrying pouch/case

Past headphones – Beats Solo HD

Preferred Music – rap/hip hop, drum and bass trap, techno, trance

What would you like to improve on from your set-up: Same if not better sound quality and comfort as Beats Solo HD.

Location: United States

Currently top choice for purchase is the ATH-M50X. Found a few on Amazon with amplifier, what would be benefit of that?


Thank you!

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17th Dec 2016

M50x is completely fine from both of those

I recommend this bundle right here


It includes an amp and pretty good case for really cheap on top of the $130 price of the m50x, and the bass boost on the amp may help your love of bass, as well as the amp is reusable if you ever decide to get something like the A900x or something

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30th Nov 2016

they have bots that can make that kind of feedback in a few months. I had a family member who would post items on 1 account, and then they had 3 other accounts that would fight over the item and leave feedback. It was a slow process, but she gots like 100 feedback in a month for selling nothing.

The same bundle of items is being sold on amazon by a different company for $149.

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19th Sep 2016

I got the audio-technica 50x today they have a removable aux cord for md mic.

Edit: noticed it maybe a little outside of your price range but the version bellow this is exactly the same and cheaper.

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27th Sep 2016

Budget – ~150$ not hard

Source – Portable amp recommendation appreciated

Requirements for Isolation – low

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? 10% of the time

Preferred Type of Headphone – Full size, open or closed. Looking for a comfortable pair

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced or light V shape is fine

Preferred Music – jazz, hip hop, electronic music maybe some light production stuff

I saw this m50x with amp and case for $139 and almost jumped on it but some light research suggested that there are better options for this price. I wouldn’t mind open back headphones if they’re worth it. Is this a good deal or does anyone recommend something else?