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Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion, Cool Gel Memory Foam Large Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow for Sciatica, Back, and Tailbone Pain (Black)?

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28th Jun 2017

> I have gone to see the doctor about it and they googled the problem

Lol are you sure you didn’t see a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant?

> Back in December, I (34,M,183CM,90KG,No previous medical conditions or current medications) took a long haul flight and had the joy of sitting on some not so great seats. The very tip of my tailbone was sore in the sense that it felt kind of bruised. This is something I hadn’t experienced before. Fast forward to now and if I sit on bad seating for more than an hour or so my tailbone starts to hurt again. My day to day chair is an expensive ergonomic chair with a stretchy mesh base and I don’t notice it unless I have to use a chair somewhere else.

Sounds like coccydynia.

Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed for pain, assuming you have no medical conditions (e.g. kidney or liver problems) which make them unsafe to take.

You can also try buying a “Donut” cushion (pillow with a hole in the center) or a “wedge” cushions (pillow with a wedge-shaped section cut out of the back) for while you are at work. It will distribute weight away from the coccyx. Here is an example of such a cusion: https://www.amazon.com/Kieba-Cushion-Orthopedic-Tailbone-Sciatica/dp/B01A5EQJVO/

Another possibility is a pilonidal cyst, but those usually hurt right away when you sit down and don’t require long sitting periods. Your physician (or non-physician healthcare provider) might’ve checked for this on your physical exam if they looked at your lower back/rectum.

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7th Sep 2016

They have cooling seat cushions that you can use. I don’t know anything about that product but i use similar tech in my favorite pillow and i love it.