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Keycool Hero 84 2020 Edition Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Switches Mini Gaming 84 Keys Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)?

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25th Sep 2020

The 87key keyboard is by a company called keycool. It is basically the most standard 87 key, cherry browns, no LED.


(not this model specifically, but this brand, i can’t find the old link. sry)

The secondary keyboard you see on the top left, full panel 107key POS (point of sale) Keyboard. I scavanged it from someone who was selling their Shop POS system off craigslist a couple of years ago and recommissioned to a physical shortcut for scripts.

It runs as a daemon using some very ghetto python script and is binded to specific keys, strokes, or even launch other scripts(such as email actions, timers, window management, common apps, sites, remote commands) to optimize my desktop workflow.

I got a lot of inspiration to set this up from the video editor Taran from Linus Tech Tips:


whom uses an AHK implementation on windows to do the exact same thing, but with a regular keyboard and it is for video editing workflow optimization.

Personally, I have so many “Desktop Real Estate” that I want to be able to snap a window exactly what size, location and workspace without using mouse at all. Linux lets you do that.

I’ll post some detailed photos maybe else where like r/MechanicalKeyboards, with tutorials+github for Linux ver. attached sometime in the future.

Cheers good sir