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Keycool 84 Keys Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry Mx Switches (BLUE/RED/GREEN/YELLOW/WHITE LED Backlight Available) (BLUE switches + Black body + White LED backlight)?

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21st Sep 2016

I’m trying to find a list of all 82/84 key-keyboards on the market that I can actually buy new. I know there’s a longer list of discontinued stuff.

As of now I know of the: 84 Keycool, Cherry G-84
, KBT RACE II, Drevo 84, Keycool hero 84, Noppoo Choc mini 84.

Looking for an 84 key with media buttons and a function key on the bottom row. I’d like MX cherry stems so I can change out the caps easily but know other caps are available. If I could program the media button locations and order keys to match. That’d be awesome.

I’m pretty happy with the OUTEMU brown switches on my 68 key magicforce so I’ll probably go with brown switches.

If anyone wants to recommend me an 84 key board with media keys and some function keys like an calculator button and board number pad that’d be awesome I’m all ears. The Keycool Hero I already linked looks like a winner