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Keychron K6 Mechanical Keyboard 65% Compact 68 Key Wireless Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlight Bluetooth 5.1/Wired Keyboard Compatible with Mac Windows, Gateron G Pro Blue Switch?

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23rd Oct 2020

Need a compact mechanical BT keyboard for my iPad and some Windows use at home. Want RGB. Looking at:

Kemove 61 SnowFox in white (my case color of preference). Doesn’t have dedicated arrow keys, but you can remap; smaller 3000mAh battery than Keychron but should be plenty; hotswap and programmable keys + layers are a huge bonus.

RGB Keychron K6. Seems popular, has aluminum frame, but case only comes in black.

Both have generally very positive reviews. I get that they’re slightly different boards in terms of layout, but the macro abilities of the SnowFox compensate.

Thoughts? Alternate suggestions?