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Keycaps, 139 White Keys PBT Cherry Profile Double Shot for filco Cherry Ducky iKBC Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (White)?

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Don’t know if this is sold in the US Amazon but I got these and they are pretty nice for so cheap, they are also sold in black and white with blue accents


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18th Apr 2021

Thanks for the kind words! I originally was going to use the novelkeys white set with the black I already had. Looks like they discontinued them possibly? So I found these gliging ones that look nearly identical.

Here’s the link to where I got them.


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12th Jul 2021

Are you from the states? US? If so, you can probably find better deals here or Canada.


KBDfans 5 degree case @ Drop (US) – $60

DZ60 Rev 3 @ Divinikey (Los Angeles, US) – $38

Nice60! 60% BLE Hotswap PCB @ 1upKeyboards (NY, US) – $60

DZ60RGB Rev 2 Hotswap PCB @ Dangkeebs (US) – $55

KBDfans PC Plate for 60% @ Divinikey – $19

OMO Universal 60% Brass Plate @ Drop – $35

Gligling Doubleshot Cherry Profile Keycaps @ Amazon – $35


Personally, I would not recommend Holy Pandas from Drop to anyone nowadays, simply because Drop really fucked up by increasing the price, lying about the materials used and bad QC issues. The better Holy Panda derivative right now is the Boba U4T switch.

U4T Boba @ MKUltra (US) – $20/30 switches = ~ $0.67/switch


I’d personally go for the 62g variant as that one feels so fuxxing clean AF! Nice tactile bump and great spring weight.