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12th Jun 2018

That’s so exciting!! I hope you love kettlebells as much as I do! I totally hear you on the additional cost of the Playground. Here are a couple of other options to get you started if you’re interested. You can start with this book – it’s a 3 month program – aimed at beginners. It’s how I started.

Then she has a couple of other standalone programs that are excellent – BeSLAM and BeSLAM2. Her website is difficult to navigate – I couldn’t find the BeSLAM workout on there but I’ll keep looking. BeSLAM2 isn’t a beginner program, so I’d recommend doing some other training before tackling it.

Here are some good KB instructors:
https://www.youtube.com/user/Kitty8Tim/videos (scroll down to her workouts from 5 years ago)

Oh, and KB workouts outside while your kiddos are playing are quite lovely!
Hope that helps! PM me with any questions!