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KERMS High Back Executive Home Office Desk Chair, Big and Tall Ergonomic Leather Adjustable Computer Chair with Flip up Arms and Lumbar Support (Black)?

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19th Jun 2021

Gaming chairs have a horrible reputation.

I recently bought two chairs. After then came in, I tried both, then I picked the one I liked best and gave the other to my GF, who was using a crummy chair.

The two I ended up ordering were :




I ended up picking that 2nd one, a Komene mesh chair, as my chair, and gave the “leather” chair to my GF. Among other considerations, both have flip up arms so when I want arms, I have them, and when I don’t want them, I can move them out of the way.

The Komene chair was highly recommended in the video that relpmeraggy linked, and that video was part of why I decided to try it.