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Keppi Adjustable Weight Bench-Foldable Workout Bench Press for Full Body Strength Training, Incline Decline Bench with Fast Folding – 2021 Version?

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28th Aug 2021

It has been storing 100 lbs for quite a few months now without sagging. The only flaw is that it doesn’t hold up well to cat scratching. The lid staying open is really nice, I don’t have to unload everything, I can just open it and take what I need as I need it.

I can’t thoroughly endorse the folding bench quite yet because I haven’t had it long, but I do like it. I have this one. I chose it because it’s narrow at the top and I have a small frame.

Both items are sold by many sellers under many names. I found the same bench on Wayfair under maybe 20 ‘brands’ and at least two of the same weight bench on Amazon, just with different logos. So if you end up interested in either one, do some digging for the lowest price.

Sorry you lost your equipment to theft, that sucks.