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Kensington Slim Type Wireless Quiet Keyboard (K72344US)?

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18th Sep 2020

>I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a keyboard that fits the criteria of wireless, gaming, and flat keys.

The Logitech G915 is prolly gonna be the pinnacle of what you’re looking for…but is about double your budget. If you want to check out something similar to it Linus has a good video checking out some of the budget wireless mechanical keyboards found on Amazon.


However, Most flatter and (more relevant) laptop keyboards are membrane (such as the Kensington Slim) which means there’s a thin membrane that you push to connect to a circuit underneath rather than a mechanical switch…since we tend to use the wholly living dogshit out of our WASD and numbers these have a tendency of wearing out insanely fast compared to other users and aren’t really marketed for gamers.

If you want a membrane (so the flattest keyboard) then you’re gonna be looking for high quality office ones.