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Kensington K50432WW ErgoSoft Wrist Rest for Standard Mouse-Gray?

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20th Sep 2021

Hey there,

I’ve never experienced your issue, as I don’t have a huge desk / area to work with either, so I don’t use the big mouse pads. Some other options you can do (aside from playing short sleeve) is perhaps, looking into picking up a wrist rest? It helps lift your wrists to prevent injuries, and my previous issue with mouse pads is the fact that the bottom of my palm started to develop callus, and some pain during long period of gaming. I ended up buying a wrist rest like this one, and it helped with my issue, as well as alleviate my pain. For keyboard, I’m currently using Glorious Gaming, and it lifts my wrists up so I don’t do much touching to the desk, or if you can sit higher where your arms wont touch your pad (sorta like those desks where you roll out your keyboard/mouse) may also help.

If you move your arms around the desk a lot due to using a standard/gaming keyboard with a lot of keys, consider looking into a shorter keyboard, like 10 keyless, or 60% keyboards if you’re willing to make a change. I know it can be uncomfortable, and many people adapted to the 10-keys, but for gaming, you don’t really use them a lot and it kind of makes your arm travel to and from your mouse a lot for typing, which may cause the clothing damage.

If none of these options seem to work for you, I used to do this at work because the workplace sets their AC to 67 degrees Farenheit, which can get pretty cold. I ended up buying a pair of fingerless mittens like these, which helped with the cold a lot.

Either way, I hope some of these ideas help you out.