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KEMOVE Snowfox Wired/Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,Hot Swappable Keyboard RGB Backlit PBT Keycaps Full Keys Programmable – 3000mAh Battery (Gateron Red Switch)?

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22nd Apr 2021

Here is what seems to be a decent keyboard that hits all of your requirements.

That is the link to the red one, however I do suggest considering the yellow one. Yellows are generally considered significantly better switches than reds, however the board with the yellows are a little more expensive ($95 vs $90).

I also suggest picking up some lube (probably 205g0), a brush, and a switch opener (kinda optional). Since you are getting a hotswap board, there is basically no reason not to lube your switches (or at the VERY least, just your stabilizers). Sadly you can’t really buy those on Amazon, but there is a lovely vendor list in the wiki for this subreddit that will give you multiple options. That would probably put you a little over $100 total, but it would almost certainly be worth it. You can look up an unlubed vs. lubed yellows soundtest to get an idea.

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24th Jul 2021

Upvoting for no RK61

The Kemove Snowfox comes in white, with Gateron Reds, and is hotswap so you can upgrade the switches later. 🙂

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14th Nov 2020

Here’s one, for a bluetooth keyboard it has one of the biggest batteries I have seen.
This one you can mod if you end up wanting to.
Keychron looks work ready to me.

quick switch guide:

linear “straigh down” = black, red
tactile “bump on the way down” = brown
clicky = blue, green