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KEMOVE Snowfox Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless/Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – RGB Backlit 61 Keys Keyboard – Hot Swappable, PBT Keycap, Full Keys Programmable – White (Gateron Mechanical Brown Switch)?

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15th Jul 2020

polycarbonate/frosted yea

i think might be an alu version with a wireless pcb? not too sure

also your gonna have to go to r/mechmarket and the prices aren’t too hot rn. If you want you could get a fake one (fanoe) but those don’t have a wireless pcb so you’d have to get one seperatley (again idk where you’d get it).

There really isn’t too many boards on the market (custom) that meet that found this:


pretty good budget option but i haven’t tried it before so don’t wanna shove it down your throat.


k2 is also popular

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22nd Jun 2020

Amazon, Banggood. Don’t think you can find the prebuilt bluetooth variants for below $60 brand new. You could consider the GK61s kit, but you’ll need extra for the switch and keycaps