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KEG STORM Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker 64 Ounce Mini Stainless Steel Keg Home brew coffee System Kit Best Choice of Diy Coffee Lovers?

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16th Oct 2018

I came across the “let it sit” part too when i was looking at some products to buy. So perhaps it makes a difference.

Eg. https://www.amazon.com/Coffee-Stainless-coffee-System-Choice/dp/B07437VFCT/

The quick start guide mentions

> Shake the keg. Then, put it in refrigerator for more than 1 hour.

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20th Feb 2018

The essential elements for serving nitro coffee are:

  1. a stout faucet

  2. a nitrogen source (bottle or cartridge) with pressure regulator

  3. a keg of some kind

  4. coffee of your choosing

The nitrogen is inert and doesn’t contribute any flavor to the coffee, but it does dissolve into the coffee and helps create smaller bubbles when served. However, without a stout faucet, you won’t get any real head. The keg is just there to hold everything under pressure. All told you’d probably expect to spend around $4-600 on a whole kegerator setup, or you can try to find simpler all-in-one keg systems like this to save some money, though they can be a tad cumbersome for a standard fridge.