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KEF Q300WH Bookshelf Loudspeakers – White (Pair)?

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4th Jun 2018

in the US, Amazon has them for $649 (€556).


I don’t know what they normally sell for used in your country, but I’d say $338 is within range for used but excellent condition. (If they are used). If they’re new I’d say don’t hesitate.

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4th Oct 2016

It’s increasingly the case that except at the very high end, a pair of standmount speakers and a subwoofer with proper bass management will outperform a pair of floorstanders. Kef’s Q300, Dali’s Zensor 3, Elac’s UB5 are all great buys, and with a pre-power setup, you’re ideally placed to integrate a subwoofer by adding a miniDSP between the pre and power amps.