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KEF LS50 Meta (Pair, Titanium Grey)?

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14th Sep 2021

I am looking for advise on a subwoofer and amp setup to pair with the Kef LS50 Meta Speakers (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G1S5MKB/ref=twister_B08JW8PD9M). Or if you have a suggestion for better speakers, but from my research these seem pretty damn good for the price. Also, looking for an adequate stand as the Kef stands have some lackluster reviews/are backordered.

I am going to be connecting my turntable (SL1200 MK5 with an Ortofon Blue cartridge) to the amplifier. Also open to pre-amp/etc if that will help my sound. May be updating my table setup sometime down the line, but for now this is what I am going with for that aspect.

My budget for the amp/sub is ~$3500 but can be pushed higher if there’s a benefit. Trying to make one of those cry once type of purchases.

Thank You in advance for any help!