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Karcher Wd3/Mv3 1000-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

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9th Oct 2015

Do you think this vaccum cleaner is good for floors?

I have read that vaccum cleaners with a HEPA filter should be air tight otherwise they are useless.

Anyways, I don’t think I have the budget for a vaccum cleaner with that feature.

Do you think the replaceable filter bag in the above product will be sufficient for now?

Also I think I might have to hold hold the cleaner 90 degrees to the ground and run it inch by inch on the floor. Is that the best way to clean the floor and then mop it afterwards?

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16th Oct 2015


I got the Karcher vaccum cleaner today and after a trial run it is working great and clears most of the dust (no prior experience for evaluation). I just have a few questions to you as I don’t know where to post these.

  1. What is the point of the cartridge filter? The dust is going into the paper bag directly and cartridge filter just lies inside.

  2. Although some reviewers mentioned no accessories I received this one and few others but I did not expect it and I ordered the kit here. Now I am not sure what the one seen in the photo is called but I just used it to vaccum the floor (is it even supposed to?). In the kit I bought I can see a big one that is different than the one in the pics I clicked. My main requirement is to vaccum floor and mattress. So should I cancel the kit or are both accessories different. I don’t want to have two with same functions and I will rather cancel the kit if it serves the same purpose.

While typing the above point I forgot the 3rd point. If I remember it I will write to you again. But if you can please answer point 2 it will help me to continue/cancel the order as it’s ordered but not yet dispatched.