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Kanto YUMI Passive Bookshelf Speakers – Gloss Grey (YUMIP-GRYGL)?

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4th Apr 2017

Thanks for the tips, especially the speakers. Got lots to think about. I did some research on my end also, what do you think about this receiver and speakers:



Thanks again!

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10th Apr 2017

Hello, I’m looking for some new bookshelf speakers for my desktop. I have a dac/amp combo already for my headphones so I want some passive speakers that can plug into them.

I found these 3 speakers and were both regarded pretty good. Does anyone know difference in quality between these 3 speakers?

Kanto YUMI

Dayton Audio B652

Micca MB42 Non-X

Also, what’s the difference between the Micca MB42X and the non-x? Is it a big difference?