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Kanto YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp | Bamboo | Pair?

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27th May 2018

Most speakers are passive, meaning it’s just a box with wires and drivers. They need power. They do make self-powered speakers, they are either “dumb speakers” like studio monitors, where they only have an analaog inout (TRS or XLR), and then there are consumer freiendyl ones, with Bluetooth, optical, phono, 3.5mm and sometimes even a remote control.

Almost no speaker in this price range as sufficient bass. So an external subwoofer is recommended.

I really like the Kanto YU6, it is a self-powered speaker that is consumer friendly (not a studio monitor) and has all those features I listed, plus a subwoofer out. They are $350-$400 usually, comes in many colors.

Then, add in a subwoofer, the Dayton sub-1200 is the cheapest I can recommend.

The turntable would go into the Phono input, the ChromeCast Audio would go into the 3.5mm, and the tv would go into the optical. No need for an analog switchbox, and all inputs can be changed via the remote.

It comes with a 3.5mm, so you’d need to get an optical cable, your turntable probably has RCA cables. The subwoofer would need a subwoofer cable, you can get Amazon Basics or MediaBridge, both on Amazon. The speakers also come with their own speaker wire to connect both units together, but it’s real cheap looking, so you can get maybe this one (choose appropriate length and desired color, play it safe with the length).

If you need speaker stands, these are good, the top plate swivels to allow toe-in without the need to rotate the whole stand (OCD friendly).