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Kanto YU3 4″ 2-Way Powered Bookshelf Speakers with aptX Bluetooth 4.0 – Matte Black (YU3MB)?

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29th Sep 2017

DAC/Digital Analog Converter. Since your PC is all digital, along with all the media on it, the onboard DAC makes those digital files into analog sound that we can hear. External DAC’s can do it better than the onboard DAC, but isn’t required. You can get a DAC built in to some powered speakers, and all modern AVR’s. You can also buy a stand alone unit like the Schiit Modi 2, and then connect whatever amp/speakers to it. Don’t worry too much about this yet. Speakers are way more important unless you’re getting a lot of noise.

The reason I recommend modern AVR’s for nearfield (speakers are on desk/close) PC audio is that it’s the simplest way to get everything someone could possibly need. Many already have one, or can get one at a low price. A couple year old $100 AVR (audio/video receiver) can have it’s own DAC, amplifier, wifi, bluetooth, subwoofer out, bass management, and tons of inputs. I use one at times to test stuff. I run the AVR through the HDMI just like a TV, or an optical out on the back of my PC’s motherboard. PC – HDMI input on AVR – HDMI out on AVR – Monitor. The big downside is that an AV receiver is… big.

If you choose powered speakers, you won’t need an amp. This makes it much easier to keep things neat. The only problem is connecting a subwoofer if they don’t have a subwoofer out. Some powered speakers like the Kanto Yu have a subwoofer out. Idk the sound quality, but that could be a good option just to get you started. They have been on sale for $100 I think on Newegg.


Audio Engines are also said to be a decent option for powered speakers, but again, no sub out.

Neither are as good as the JBL’s, but that’s relative. You may like their sound.

Bestbuy should carry speakers from Def tech, B&W, Pioneer, etc. The budget speakers for last couple years are the Pioneer BS22. They go on sale for $60-$70 at frys all the time. Start with those. Make mental notes, and try other speakers. They may have those Audioengine speakers. You gotta listen for a while. Some speakers sound pretty great at first, but later become fatiguing to people because they are too bright/harsh. Some are too laid back to be enjoyable. This is where your ears are the main authority. Well, that, and the price.

As with all things, if you do your own research, you will probably get better results than just going with my opinions.

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11th May 2017

Alright, CCA will cost 35$ (amazing device btw) so were looking at a budget of 215-265 for the amp/speakers/cables/etc.

Something like this would be a top choice

or for future expandability
with this

Very slightly over budget but so much better than a mini amp or powered speakers in this price range.