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Kanto TUK Powered Speakers with Headphone Out | Built-in USB DAC | Dedicated RCA with Phono Pre-amp | Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX HD & AAC | AMT Tweeter and 5.25″ Aluminum Driver | Matte Black | Pair?

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4th Nov 2020

An integrated system using powered speakers would be the most simple. Something like this would be good for the price. You can even add a small sealed subwoofer with the left over budget. Even with shared walls, you might appreciate the low end being filled out a bit.

These Kanto Tuk speakers are a popular powered speaker option with good reviews.


Another powered speaker option would be the Klipsch Fives.


Here is compact sub that wont shake the house down but add some nice low end and fill the room better.


And if you want to go with a cheaper option, Kanto makes some more affordable stuff as well.