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4th Jan 2018

IMO even if you have a small infection (bronchitis) there is a chance you could get better on your own if you just take really good care of yourself and rest as well. This does not sound like pneumonia to me. This is anecdotal but I have asthma and bad allergies and I got over bronchitis on my own without antibiotics, also just got over an ear infection without meds too. Sleep as much as possible and stay slightly elevated to help reduce the coughing, keep yourself in humid places or bring a travel humidifier with you, and try to avoid breathing in that -10 air. I would suggest Mucinex or the generic to help thin the mucus and that will hopefully help you have more productive coughing/less dry coughing. And most importantly drink a ton of water!!!

If something changes like you develop a lasting fever, you cough up something more than clear/yellow mucus, or you develop very odd symptoms than I would consider going to an urgent care/minute clinic type thing if you can afford it. Again, some infections your body can take care of on it’s own so definitely give it some time to do that!