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Kananic Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Wired Keyboard Blue Plunger Switch Backlight keyboard 82-Keys Extreme Simple Design Come with USB Cable-White?

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11th Apr 2017

Its a hot swapabble keyboard. i got mine from: here

but these are other sites i have seen them being sold:






The type i have is the ABS none backlit version. but it comes in pbt and backlighting. I cant attest to the pbt quality. haven’t really been able to find any sources as to the thickness of the pbt keycaps. The layout is none standard and exactly the same as the KBT Race anbd Ajazz Ak33.

the none standard caps are: 1.25 right shift, arrow keys, end key; 1×1 right contrl; 1.5 Esc and Del keys. The profile seems to be OEM R5, R4, R3, R2, R1. but ive found it impossible to find where to buy R5 del and esc keys, despite countless google images and discussions depicting exactly what i want, they have not lead to a source.

It is possible to use a standard keycap set, but the arrow keys and delete keys will not be as flush.

this is what the keyboard would look like using keycaps from an 87 key set, the only issue is the PD key as well as the cntrl key, but getting a 104 key set would alleviate those issues.