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Kalorik Cordless Jug Kettle, White, 57-Oz.?

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25th Jun 2011

I haven’t used that specific grinder, but I think I’ve used one with near-identical internals. It’s terribly inconsistent. If there’s some way you could adjust your budget so that you could manage the likes of the Capresso Infinity, Baratza Maestro or Breville Ikon, I’d recommend it. The Maestro is the best of the three, but they’re all pretty similar in terms of output. (Reasonable at non-espresso grinds, incapable of espresso grinds. Any of the three would go well with the aeropress and be usable for filter drip, french press or vac pot should you decide to branch out.

If it were me, I think I’d go to something like this for the kettle, and manually manage temperature so I could put more toward the grinder. I know Bed Bath and Beyond regularly has the Ikon or the Infinity for $80-$90, and you can always get a 20% off coupon for them, so that’d get it pretty close to the same total budget. Baratza currently has the refurbished Maestros for $70, which is a better deal.