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JVC Victor Head-band Portable Headphones | HA-S500-B Black (Japanese Import)?

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21st Dec 2015

I’ve been wanting to buy a headphone (not really a fan tho).

Budget: <$50 (I like the best/cheap stuff even tho I don’t really need it)

Source: Note 4, Sager

Requirements for Isolation: Not so much

Preferred Type of Headphone: IEM and/or on-ear

Preferred tonal balance: Overall balance (not much of a fan of headphones so)

Past headphones: iPhone earphones lol

Preferred Music: Anything as long as it plays on my mind

What would you like to improve on from your set-up: Something both for gaming and movies. As well as Skype (LDR HERE)

This JVC HA-S500B caught my attention, or at least I like how it looks.