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JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphone,Black?

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27th Oct 2017

JVC HARX900 – $55 on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/JVC-HARX900-High-Grade-Full-Size-Headphone/dp/B0013P3ZOE

Cheap, but good. Comfortable and great sound. I’m on my second pair. Rumor is they’re made with the drivers of a $300 headphone because they’re produced at the same factory. So Factory stamps em out, and puts them in these which are much cheaper(?).

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15th Sep 2017

Sorry for being so blunt about it. Upon re-reading my previous post I realize I was being rude. My apologies.

To honestly answer your question, pretty much any headsets that are “game” anything are going to be crap, regardless of how much you spent. This is because you are buying something that looks cool and has a mic, not something designed for super-accurate audio reproduction. To get proper audio quality, you need dedicated audiophile headphones without a built-in mic.

Just to save time (and save you money) I will recommend what I use. (NOTE: My headphones are considered “entry level” for audiophiles. Basically, the best bang for the buck. You can get WAY better ones than these, but be prepared to spend big bucks for them.)

I use JVC HARX 900 headphones. These are basically studio-grade “monitor” headphones. Many recording studios use these for musicians and technicians to monitor performances. As such they have very good audio reproduction qualities even at very low volumes. Here’s an Amazon link for you:


If you can, pick up one of these and try them out. You will immediately hear the difference.

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10th Sep 2017

Jvc ha-rx 900 is what I use, $56 on amazon

The jvc head phones if you google them are not only rated higher than the other suggestions here but also are an over the ear headphone.

I use an asus dgx soundcard for even better sound, the 7.1 simulated is pretty amazing.


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14th Apr 2015

Hi all

I recently purchased some ATH M50s and have been amazed at what i’ve been missing all these years. I owe alot of that to this sub.

Anyways, i’m tired of lugging my m50s back and forth to and from work everyday. A coworker offered to sell me his original beats studios for $50. I am obviously aware of the senitment around beats in these parts, but i’m genuinlly curious if there are any comparable options in that price range.

I was taking a look at these JV HARX900’s: http://www.amazon.com/JVC-HARX900-High-Grade-Full-Size-Headphone/dp/B0013P3ZOE

Are something like these any better than beats studios?

Thanks for your help and apologies for my noobness 🙂

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27th Jan 2015

These are some pretty great entry-level headphones.

If you’re in doubt, visit /r/headphones, they may know a lot more than I do as they’re audiophiles, they take that stuff veeeeeeeery seriously

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22nd Oct 2012

I’ve been using the step up from those for the last year and love them. Hard to beat for the cost.

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14th May 2016
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12th Feb 2013

For 55 bucks (worth the extra 15) you can get these bad boys. Mod them with this. Incredible for the cheap price.

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17th Apr 2012

I have a pair of JVC HA-RX900s that I adore. I got these recently (with a cheap Logitech mic) and rarely use my 2.1 system anymore. The bass is great, but not overpowering and they have a very crisp mid/high. I’m not an audiophile per say, but I love listening to jazz and play a lot of video games. From Battlefield 3 to Starcraft 2, these cans are seriously phenomenal. They have a lot of padding and are very comfortable for long gaming sessions (I’ve had them on for upwards of 3 hours before).

I got them for around $75, they are on Amazon for about $68 right now. Hope this mini review helps!