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Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine?

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9th May 2018

Absolutely. My spouse and I both used to stop for coffee on the way to work. A cappucino 3-ish times a week from the local coffee shop was around $4, and then $2 any time we had a drip coffee instead.

That’s around $30/week on coffee out, or around $1500 a year on coffee (a per-cup price of about $3).

We invested in a super-automatic one-touch espresso machine (refurbished, so $800 not $1400). Per-cup cost is around $0.60 for “push button, receive cappucino”, saving $1200 a year, making the ROI about 9 months.

And because it grinds the beans, there’s no loss in quality. And because I can brew into my thermal mug, it’s also better for the environment (no disposable stuff except the grounds which are compostable). And it saves a bunch of time in the morning.

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16th Aug 2015

I’m not really looking for a Keurig or a coffee maker per se. I loved my coffee with a Jura like this one which in reality does give you an espresso type of drink.

I will have to try out Sur La Table, there’s one in Carlsbad which is a bit closer too…thanks!