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14th May 2019

You have to be very careful getting back into plyometrics, especially when you describe 2 hour training sessions with them.

You are still young, but you are not as young as you were in the youth leagues. The muscle tissue of children and teens is inherently more damage-resistant than even young adults, and that’s important to remember. It continues to become more vulnerable as we age, especially when coming back from a long layoff. You will never again be able to handle the kind of daily and weekly training volume you could at those young ages, especially with plyometrics.

The good news is, you don’t NEED to. Most of us were training too hard too often, even at young ages. These days the best-trained young athletes are getting 2-3 days of plyos per week, with a greater emphasis on form and power than volume, and they are focusing more on basic strength with squats, deadlifts, and depending on who’s coaching them also some power cleans and perhaps other weightlifting movements.


There is a very good book called "Jumping into Plyometrics" that may be a good place to start, and " Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness" is also a useful resource.

The most important thing to do is to take your time and re-enter plyometrics slowly.


Much of what you remember was actually motor learning for more efficient body control. Plyos can only take advantage of the strength you currently have, and because of their inherently high-force nature they place you at higher risk for injury if you do too much volume with them, which is why the following are the two rules to live by:


  1. Don’t use plyos for your primary lower body training, use 1-2 squat variations and 1-2 deadlift variations that you can perform well as the base for your strength training
  2. Approach plyometrics with cautious enthusiasm, they are super fun and feel great but you will not have much of any warning when you get close to an injury. You will have a sudden pop or tear, and then it’s too late.


Good luck and have fun! Hopefully those two books help if you choose to get them.

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26th Aug 2011