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29th Oct 2020

Ah, that’s super frustrating that it’s all happening on one side then! Even with the other parts of your face looking good overall, I would still follow up with a moisturizer meant to address oiliness in the AM and calming skin in the PM.

I do have a few more questions—were you using niacinamide before you started using your birth control? Comparing the size/amount to a coin, how much of the niacinamide are you using? What about moisturizer—if memory serves me, it’s about 3/4 the size of a dime with that pump, is that right? I imagine the amount of activity you get in a day has changed drastically since January, which is something to consider, but has your diet changed very much? Also, don’t underestimate the effect of age coupled with stress.

Much to the fascination of my high school peers, I had virtually completely clear skin until I was 20, then I started experiencing a lot of stress and my skin went crazy—I suddenly had grade 3 (moderately severe acne) which hurt when I would try to treat it, in addition to being unsightly (to me, folks around you usually don’t notice that much or don’t see it as intensely as you do). It started on my cheeks and forehead, spreading across my face completely, then down my neck to my chest and back. I went to see a dermatologist, which is something I highly recommend for you if that’s available to you.

They have the educational background to be able to point to and offer products that will actually address specific concerns and goals of yours, and again, if it’s available to you do your research on the doctors you’re able to see. As I said, I’m happy to help as much as I can, but also it’s important for you to acknowledge that folks here can only help so much with a limited view of your issues and (likely, significantly less than a dermatologist’s) education.

I know we’re all skincare junkies here and I’m sure you already know about these people, but I think it’s worth noting Hyram Yarbro, James Welsh, and Michelle Wong of Lab Muffin Beauty Science are EXCELLENT at breaking products, ingredients and experiences down, as well as addressing personal bias and money/costliness. Plus, Ti from NappyHeadedJojoba has a good skincare series, even if it’s a little old. (Not asking for other people’s opinion’s on these Youtubers, if you don’t like them or support them that’s totally fine! However, I’ve found their content to be helpful in conjunction with my education and overall learning style even with Hyram, James and Ti being skincare enthusiasts rather than licensed professionals.)