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30th Jul 2018

Notches are dumb, if you want more screen get a bigger phone.

Edit: Wow this blew up in the comments. Here’s the reasoning why I don’t think the notch is a good idea.The notch is just a never ending fight for more screen real estate. I don’t mind that at all, until this fight comes to inhibit other functions with the phone. Hence, the notch. It’s stupid. It’s just another thing to shove off while we fight for the most screen possible, meanwhile other phones are doing this way better, like the Oppo Find X, but then again, it’s not the iPhone, so who cares?

When I got my Pixel 2, I was slightly disappointed that it came with no headphone jack, and with a dongle, but I honestly didn’t really care because I use Bluetooth for everything on that phone, and the tech has advanced so far to where I can bypass having a headphone jack. If you still use wired headphones, you can easily get by having no headphone jack with buying a Bluetooth audio adapter for headphones, like the one here.

However when more screen gets in the way of vital phone functions, ones that you cannot easily bypass, it becomes an issue. I have seen other phones that were able to get most of the stuff either on the back of the phone or built into the screen, but the one thing companies can’t figure out is the camera. So, they leave a noticeable cutout on the screen, making the notch ugly as sin.

This is where I say, if you need a bigger screen, just go out and get a larger device. Whether it be a cheap Fire Tablet, or a TV to cast content on, just do that. Yeah, its not in your pocket, so what? I’d be more down to trying to push other aspects of the phone, such as power and other useful functions (just look at the ROG Phone for inspiration).

Rant over.

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28th Nov 2016

> Take note: getting the last word in here will not give you any sort of victory, nor make you any less of an irritating twat. I’ve wasted more than enough time already.

You sure about that? Doesn’t seem like it.

> implies that it’s somehow easier or more convenient to do so, does it not? A phone is an added peripheral, requiring extra steps to use – whether it be a cassette/radio adapter or Bluetooth.

It is easier and more convenient. I spent $20 on one of these. It’s hooked up and I just get in my car and press play. Music starts playing, that’s it, one button. Fewer steps. No commercials, no changing stations, I can control it with my voice, I can make playlists of my own… There are a fuck load of conveniences over old fashioned radio.

> so therefore the services are not interchangeable.

Yes you did say they weren’t alternatives.

I look forward to you going against your little spiel about getting the last word in. I know you can’t help yourself.

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13th Nov 2016

You got a good answer already so here’s some practical advice.

The headphone jack competes on space with other internals in the phone. They’re shipping an adapter in the box so you can continue using your existing headphones. Personally I’m just using a Bluetooth receiver since 2 years now for my wired headphones. Great especially for running, when commuting, etc.
https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00UUDZSKE/ German link but Griffin makes something similar now. If you consider such a thing make sure it’s using Bluetooth 4.0 (aka LE, Low Energy).

SSDs are small so I got a 2 TB WiFi drive a while ago. Wireless storage for all my stuff. Fast enough for most things but things like video editing has to be done on the internal disk. Backups are important. I mirror the WiFi drive to another USB drive using arRsync, but there are easier to use apps for backup.

I ripped my audio CDs for iTunes 10 years ago for the convenience. You could do that with your current machine if you wanna go that route, or get an external CD/DVD drive from Amazon. A good one costs around 25 bucks.

It’s unfortunate you can’t access your iTunes stuff on other devices. But the Apple TV is great for what it does. It’s not just a streaming box, it’s also got the App Store now, so lots of games and other apps too. Now you said you don’t want to use Apple Music. But consider iTunes Match, it’s $25 a year and will upload all your music to iCloud so it’s available on your other devices wherever you are.

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6th Nov 2017

I ended up with one of these that I plugged my headphones into:


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13th Sep 2016

I just use a $20 Bluetooth adapter and some chopped up Sony headphones.

I may switch to plug phones eventually.

Jumbl™ Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver – White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UUDZSKE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_6Ec2xbJHG00ME

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9th Sep 2016

Why not just get something like this? Lasts 10 hours and you can plug any headphones into them and pair with your phone. Seems like the way I’d go.


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13th Sep 2016

There is another way, not necessarily ideal, but it leaves your lightning port free and clear.

The problems is that it has a battery that needs to be recharged, but at least your lightning port is free. Added bonus, this converts any headphones into a wireless headset too.