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JS Dental Lab Custom Night Guard Kit for Teeth Grinding & Clenching – Lower?

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8th Aug 2018

Hey, I can understand how that frugality mentality can be tough to shake. I struggle with it sometimes too.

What I came here to say, though, was you can get a custom made mouthguard for like $150 on Amazon. It’s made by the same type of lab that your dentist would send it off to to get it made.

How do I know? My dentist wanted to charge me like $650 cause insurance wouldn’t cover a replacement after my first one was old and nasty. Frugal me said heck no and found one that was just as good for a fraction of the cost. FSA covered it too so it was more like $75 :).

Not sure if I can link to a specific product, but PM me if you want the name of it.

EDIT: I’ve gotten tons of PMs for the mouth guard I got from Amazon so I’m gonna say it’s the one by J&S Labs and hope that’s not against forum rules. Who knew mouth guards were so popular ����‍♂️?


There’s a lower and an upper guard you can buy. I got the upper.

Now we’re all a little closer to FI with perfect teeth to go with it ��.

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18th Dec 2020

FYI: There are labs that cut out the dentist as the middle man and can make you custom night guards for half the price. I did one through Amazon for $130 and have been very happy with it.

I grind through mine pretty hard and it helped save me some $.

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17th Nov 2018

Along with the suggestions below to shop around the price, there is great company on Amazon that will send you a mold kit and then after you send it back they send you a mouthguard and your mold back for future use.


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17th Jan 2021

I got this mouthguard several years ago and it’s been great.

It was also suggested to me from a dentist to use one hot and one cold ice pack on my jaw for 4 minutes, switching them every 30 seconds. I did this for a bit but I can’t say if it helped.

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30th Aug 2021

https://www.amazon.com/Dental-Lab-Custom-Mouth-Guard/dp/B0769GHPRX?pd_rd_w=EpLkC&pf_rd_p=de28a4b0-e3d5-4d62-a7ec-045d2f5964b4&pf_rd_r=Y5RWH6WWHMEPBHHNM28V&pd_rd_r in=8f1ea6fc-d288-484e-8037-64c18e1dbe19&pd_rd_wg=8lKHq&pd_rd_i=B0769GHPRX&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_28_sc

This is the one I have that was recommended to me by someone on Reddit. Expensive but it lasts for years

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21st Feb 2021

I’m not a dentist, but I’m in a similar situation to yours (probably worse, actually, because I also need braces and possibly jaw surgery). My teeth were in such bad condition that a dentist referred me to a dental school for a full mouth rehabilitation. I was on a waiting list for a year before they called me in for a consultation. My dental insurance will only pay out $1k a year, so the dental school was the only way to make the rehabilitation affordable for me. It’s still a lot of money, but it’s MUCH less expensive than the alternative options. So far, I’ve been receiving very good treatment at the school. The students receive lots of training before they are allowed to do clinical work and they’re very careful because their work is constantly being checked by a teacher.

You’re taking good care of your teeth now and that’s wonderful! You can also protect them from further wear by using a night guard. This is a custom night guard by J&S Dental which I purchased a couple of times. They fit me perfectly and did a good job protecting my teeth, the customer service was good, and they are relatively inexpensive. $130. (My dentist quoted me $700 and the insurance company I had at the time wouldn’t cover a dime of it.)

Don’t give up! Your situation is not hopeless! You were dealt a lousy hand and unfortunately you can’t change the past, but you can take steps to prevent things from getting worse while you research your options and save up for repair work. Always remember, you are so much more than your teeth. You’re a bright and valuable person who’s worthy of love and care, so you must treat yourself that way even if no one else does.

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15th Feb 2021

So two of them were custom made by my dentist. I have a full hard guard for my bottom teeth and an Invisalign/vivera retainer guard for the top teeth. The third is a full hard guard for my top teeth that I ordered from J&S Dental Lab. Basically they send you a kit to make an impression of your teeth, then you send it back to them and they use it to make a custom guard. It’s much cheaper than the ones from the dentist, and the quality is pretty similar.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck with the generic guards available at the pharmacy, and I’ve tried a bunch of them.

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8th Feb 2022

Lower: https://www.amazon.com/Dental-Lab-Custom-Mouth-Guard/dp/B0769GHPRX

Upper: https://www.amazon.com/Dental-Lab-Custom-Night-Guard/dp/B0769YSBNX

They send you 2 mold kits, so you have some room for error.

Once you take the impression, you send the kit back and choose your guard type. There’s a mix of soft, medium, hard and hybrid materials that you choose when you’re mailing your impression to them.

Personally, I find the harder mold better for my grinding. It seems to take the abuse a bit better and my teeth will “slide” a little more instead of chewing through the mold.

I’ve gone through upper and lower guards. Of course, not simultaneously. But I went through several crowns and fillings, so I’ve had order a few times with those procedures in mind. I’ve come to prefer the upper guard, since it’s not in the way of my tongue as much as the lower guard. Seems to be more of just a personal preference, unless you have something like sleep apnea where the lower guard may be the better choice.