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JOYO USB Audio Interface Mixer MOMIX- Portable Audio Mixer Professional Sound Card Mixer for PC and Different Audio Equipments & Music Instruments?

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8th May 2021

when i was looking at them 2 years ago, they were like $200 with the regular being around $100 (this is CDN). Now I can’t find any pros for under $350 and even the regular go:mixers have been jacked up to like $250+

I think they were hit by the chip/silicone shortage and basically sold out and haven’t been able to make more.

Early on in the pandemic, everyone was getting into streaming and these types of mini cards just flew off the shelves.

I found this just doing a cursory search of amazon and it looks like a go:mixer clone. No idea how reputable it is tho… https://www.amazon.com/JOYO-Interface-Professional-Equipments-Instruments/dp/B08V4N7XNT