John Christian Men’s Fleece Robe Blue Tartan (Large)?

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10th Apr 2020

Fair enough, I’m gonna go through my expected Q&A.

Q: Holy shit, where did you get that sexy robe??

A: Amazon –


Q: What’s that thing with the blinky lights?

A: Ableton Push 2, a very rad midi controller for Ableton Live


Q: How is your guitar set up? Are you using an amp?

A: I’m going direct in to a Scarlett 2i2 and using Scuffham Amps S-Gear plugin, as well as some Ableton effects (reverb, delay, filter). I also have a midi controller footswitch hidden under my table where I trigger different S-gear amps or effects.


Q: What other plugins are you using?

A: Valhalla reverb, Scarbee Rickenbacker bass, Scarbee Classic EP-88s for the keys