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JETech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Leather Smart Case with Touchpad for 9 Inch and 10 Inch Tablet PC – 2154?

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2nd May 2017

There’s a better one on Amazon that has a touchpad as well. Plus the keyboard is magnetic so it can stay in the case or remove it. I have one and it’s pretty awesome for what it is..
The only thing I don’t like about it is the kickstand on the back is a bit shorter than would be ideal but I just put something under it and it’s fine.


That being said, android tablets don’t make the best laptops. It is super handy for the times you do need it though I find it’s easier to just use the touchscreen for pretty much everything aside from typing entire paragraphs or something.. And even that I would usually do on my phone unless it’s multiple paragraphs that need to be super organized.
If you really want a small cheap typing machine I would grab a cheap chromebook.