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JBL Quantum ONE – Over-Ear Performance Gaming Headset with Active Noise Cancelling – Black?

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1st Oct 2020

Wireless is 2.4GHz wifi, also comes with and works with a 3.5mm headphone wire. This is a pretty damn good price for a non-bluetooth wireless headset, but I haven’t used it personally so if anyone has some experience, please chime in.

The more expensive version with ANC is on sale for $250 down from $300

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22nd Jul 2021

Okay, so this is gonna be right at the top of you budget but have you checked these out?


They seem like they have solid reviews and come with everything you want and probably a lot more. I mostly use my headphones for music on my phone, so I’m not super familiar with a lot of the features, but they sound cool.

And while I have no experience with those specific headphones, I do have a pair of the JBL Club Ones that I bought back in January, which I absolutely love. I use them daily and couldn’t be happier. They’re built incredibly well, music sound amazing, there’s tons of little features and details with the design that show how much thought they put into making these, and it really makes them a joy to use.

I’ve dropped them tons of times and smacked them on metal, gotten them sprayed down wet at work, all sorts of shit. They still look brand new aside from a few scratches where you can see the metal underneath the black paint. They’re kind of heavy since they’re all metal construction, but they’re still super comfortable. The earpads are also magnetic and pop right off for easy cleaning and replacement. They’re just neat lmao.

But yeah, the Quantum Ones seem like a solid choice. I know the Club Ones and Quantum Ones are both top of their respective lines, but there’s also slightly cheaper versions of both of these headphones as well, like the 800s and so on.

I’ve owned plenty of JBL products, my experiences are always that the higher end/top of the line products are very well made, work incredibly well, and last a long time if you take care of them. Unfortunately, a lot of their cheaper stuff is actually kind of shitty. I had a pair of airpod style in ears by them that I just straight up gave away because they were so bad.

So yeah, I do wish they were a little more consistent, but if the Quantum Ones are anywhere close to the Club Ones in quality, I have no doubt you’ll love them.

I haven’t checked out all the reviews, but 4.5 stars with 500 reviews seems like they’d be worth checking out for sure