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JBL Quantum 100 – Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headphones – White?

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23rd Feb 2021

Any reason you need it to be super light? In the sub 7oz range youre not looking at over the ear headsets, let alone quality headsets.

JBL Quantum – 7.9oz

Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 – 9.6oz

Steelseries Arctis line of headsets – 10 – 12oz

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13th Oct 2020

Hi guys, I’m looking to get a new headset since my G430 that I’ve had for 5+ years are starting to fail…

  • Budget – On my currency would be $1000 to $1300 MXN or around $45 to $60 Dlls

  • Source – PC

  • Requirements for Isolation – High, since it’s for gaming and mostly FPS games, I play on my room near a window so there’s a lot of exterior noise.

  • Preferred Type of Headphone – Doesn’t matter, but preferably over ear / full sized

  • Preferred tonal balance – Balanced for gaming

  • Past headphones – I’ve only had 2 “Gaming” headsets a Turtle Beach Ear Force Kilo that broke pretty fast and Logitech G430 that so far I’ve loved them but after 5+ years they’re starting to fall off…

  • Location– Mexico, so most of the budgets headphones on the guide are a little to far off my budget.

So far I’m between the JBL Quantum 100 and the Tascam TH-02, so far I’m more inclined for the JBL for the microphone but just wanted to make sure these two are good options or what other suggestions do you have guys!