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JBL L830 3-Way High Performance 6-Inch Bookshelf Loudspeaker – Black (Pair)?

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15th Jun 2015

I’m considering picking up a pair of JBL L830s for my dorm room and I’ve never shopped for an amplifier in my life. Any recommendations? Also, what would be my best means of connecting to the amp? I use a MacBook Pro, and would rather connect via my headphone jack or USB than through HDMI (although I could make that work as well).

Second question: I listen to a fair amount of drone/ambient/electronic stuff and sub-bass is important to me. Will I significantly miss out on that with the L830? (It is rated down to 48 Hz, ± 3 dB.) If so, am I better off buying less bassy bookshelf speakers and a sub?

Thanks a lot.